A single guest on a four-hour salmon charter.

Why should I book with North Pacific Charters?

At North Pacific Charters we book single guests on our
Four-hour salmon Ketchikan charters.

Book as Single guests on our four-hour salmon charter

And if you are our only single guest on the four-hour charter on that day, you still go fishing!

Have you ever dreamed of fishing in protected, calm waters?
No big waves!
Ketchikan, known as the “Salmon Capital of the World,” is your best chance to catch fresh Alaskan salmon or halibut. Ketchikan located along the inside passage. “The Tongass Narrows” is a protected waterway that is seven miles long and over a mile deep in places and offers some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in Alaska. Not to mention top-notch sightseeing opportunities, It doesn’t matter if you’re a single guest or a just the too of you!
North Pacific Charters adds single and couples together to make a minimum of four-guests to make the trip happen. If you are prebooked and happen to be the only single guest that day, you still go fishing! We can also accommodate groups of up to 60 people on charters, Six guests, soles per vessel
Our highly skilled captains will help you make that big catch, just like the locals do! Then, we help you arrange third party processing and shipping. All vessels carry the form to fill out, and after you fill it out, we facilitate the fish to the processor at no extra charge so that you can have your “bragging rights” shipped right to your home.


  • All top quality fishing bait, tackle, and lures
  • Transport of your catch to the processor
  • Beverages (non-alcoholic)
  • Rain gear
  • All instruction necessary to catch fish

Not included:

  • Tax & Fees
  • Alaska State Fishing Licenses
  • Optional Fish Processing 

All other Ketchikan fishing charter lengths with North Pacific Charters require Four minimum guests.

Our business North Pacific Charters is locally owned, owner-operated, and we have over 27+ years in the fishing industry in Ketchikan, Alaska. This adventure takes place on an average thirty-foot in length vessel. All have inside heated cabin space and a private restroom and plenty of deck space for up to six people. Soda, water, and raingear are onboard every vessel. This adventure is a High-quality, enjoyable trip that is customizable to your needs.

More fishing charter details

When booking as single guests, you can book as one person, as a couple. You can even be a couple and a child. The individual booking works like this if we get six guests booking as single guests on the same date, we add them together to make a small experience of no more than six guests/soles each.

Please be courteous when departing the ship as other guests may be waiting for you as you would not want to be waiting for them.

Meeting times that are set close to the ship’s arrival time to Ketchikan, Please note:  Whatever you’re arrival time is the gangway will be open at that time. Please do not wait for an announcement, As not all ships make this loud transmission over the P.A. so early.

Regular meeting times are 7:15 AM and 12:15 PM for all charters. 

Custom times may be possible for large groups and private charters, please email or give us a call to find out. 

All guests must be back on the ship 30 minutes before your departure time. Choose what time fits your fishing schedule. We have the Ketchikan ship schedule and get email updates. If this changes, and will do everything possible to get you out fishing.

No Worries!

Quick Answers to most asked questions

Each vessel is restricted to carry six paid guests/soles on board. Have more than six let us know as you have the option to have more than one vessel.

This fishing adventure is small and the reason why every seat is the same price.

Private chartered boats are also available for one up to six guests each.

If you have more than six guests or need a particular meeting time email us and check availability. You have the option to have more than one vessel that will fish the same area it’s up to you!

A complete list of answers can be found “HERE”

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