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North Pacific Charters.

Your adventure starts here With the About Me!


I have been on the dock for the last 20 years and live right here in Ketchikan since 1996, helping the vacationing guest get to where they need to be at the right time and back. For the last eight of these years, my job has been in the charter fishing area.

The leading company is owner-operated & incorporated in 1992. They have been taking cruise ship guests out charter fishing since the beginning. We have many captains that are very knowledgeable with many years of fishing experience. 

So let us take the worry away. 

I believe I have covered all the answers to every question's That any guest asks me over the years on this page.

Read thru the sections below to understand how this works.

View of Ketchikan Alaska from the water.

Fishing charter Meeting times

Meeting times that are set close to the ships arrival time to Ketchikan, Please note:  Whatever you're arrival time is the gangway will be open at that time. Please do not wait for an announcement, As not all ships make this loud transmission over the P.A. so early.

Regular meeting times are 7:15 AM and 12:15 PM for all charters. 

Custom times may be possible for large groups and private charters, please email or give us a call to find out. 

All guests must be back on the ship 30 minutes before your departure time. Choose what time fits your fishing schedule. We have the Ketchikan ship schedule and get email updates. If this changes, and will do everything possible to get you out fishing.

No Worries!

30-foot average size boats. six guests maximum per vessel.

Answers to frequently ask questions

On the Four Hour Charter fishing 


All other fishing charter lengths require Four minimum.

Please be courteous when departing the ship as other guests may be waiting for you as you would not want to be waiting for them.

Each vessel is restricted to carry six paid guests/soles on board. Have more than six let us know as you have the option to have more than one vessel. 

This fishing adventure is small and the reason why every seat is the same price.

If you have six or more guest in your party or want a Private charter, need a particular meeting time email us and

 check availability.

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You can even call the day you are in town!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

North Pacific Charters

34 front street inside the Ketchikan mining Co.

(907) 225-7291 /1-800-272-7291