Meeting you on the dock !

Cruise ship Dock Three Visitors center.

When you get off the ship if you find yourself at water level and do not see the representative with our parent company's Large yellow fishing sign with "Ketchikan Charter Boats" and your "last name" Please proceed up the ramp towards the visitors center and public restrooms as this is where they will be waiting. You can always call if you do not see the captain/representative. 

No cab or bus fare needed!

Dock three ramp back down to the charter vessels.

Once you meet its just a short walk right to the charter vessel, the captain will then look at your licenses and record them in his State Of Alaska log book before casting off the dock.

Off to the fishing grounds!

Off to the fishing grounds

When leaving the harbor, we have a 7 knot no wake zone so it takes about 20 minutes or so to get out to where the captain can power up and get to the fishing grounds. When you get to the trolling spot, the captain sets up the poles with what the fish have been after in the previous days, This is usually frozen herring or some color jig, or squid skirt and gets them set in the down-riggers at the correct depth and begin trolling.

When the fish hits the hook!

Just you ad the fish reeling them in!

This is exactly how this works when the bite is on!

The pole snaps out of the downrigger clip, and the fight is on!

"It's just you and the fish."  You are fishing in Alaska!

The gear is all set by the captain to the optimal settings no need to tighten the drag if the fish runs you do not want the line to break let it take as much as it wants, 

Poles and How that works!

Five guests five poles with Dan Leathers.

All charter captains do fish a pole per person. Unless the conditions are not correct, they may fish with four poles as this helps with tangled lines and lost time fishing. However, do not worry here either as experience has shown us all most all the time the fish bite just one pole even if they have the same gear, so the captain does a round-robin making it fair for everyone. 


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Salmon in the cooler!

All vessel carry third party processing forms.

They fillet, clean, vacuum seal and flash freeze your catch. (Pounds are fillet weight only)There is also the option of having your score smoked and sent home to you. 

Ship on a day you provide the date.

Price is three costs put together. 

Cruise ship guests cannot bring fish back to the ship.

In-town guests can bring fish boxes on the plane as luggage.

Sea-Tac airport also offers storage services; this includes freezer space.

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The gear we use and have come to depend on Daily!